Business Broker advises on company sales and business development. Our consultants take the role as project managers during the sales process or major changes, so that management can maintain the necessary focus on operations.

Your professional partner on company sale

Since the establishment in 2001, Business Broker has been involved in a large number of M&A transactions.  Our clients are primarily manufacturing and trading companies with an annual turnover of up to €35m.

As experts within company sale, acquisition, generational change and capital procurement we undertake the following tasks:

•    Evaluation of the company’s saleability 
•    Sale of shares or assets
•    Pricing of the company
•    Preparation of company description 
•    Identification of potential buyers/investors
•    Participation in negotiations regarding acquisition, sale or capital procurement 
•    Preparation of draft agreement between the parties.

We are project managers throughout the entire process, but we recommend that the parties’ auditors and lawyers are involved in all tax and legal matters.  Business Broker is represented all over Denmark.

The process of buying companies is closely related to the process of selling companies. As consultants, Business Broker will both prepare the profile of the forthcoming acquisition and search for suitable prospects.


Capital procurement
Business Broker has an extensive experience in raising necessary capital for transfer of businesses, MBO or continued expansions.

Sale maturation of your company
In order to improve your company’s saleability we work out a catalogue of possible improvements and changes, so that you can achieve the best possible conditions and make your company most attractive to potential buyers when selling it.


For references please see our Danish website.

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